Schneider APC UPS Dealer in Nairobi Kenya

Schneider APC UPS Dealer in Nairobi Kenya

Schneider APC UPS Dealer in Nairobi Kenya, Buy APC UPS online and have them delivered at your doorstep, APC UPS is designed for every situation, for Homes, Offices, and business. We work closely with APC UPS dealers to offer our clients the best products.

APC UPS Systems by Schneider Electric are manufactured by an industry leader in uninterruptible power supplies. APC UPS systems range from small, single-phase units to large, three-phase systems. Popular models include the the APC Smart-UPS single-phase UPS family that offers extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels and are available in a variety of form factors (tower, rack mount, rack/tower convertible) and the APC Symmetra PX, a world class, redundant, scalable, three-phase UPS power protection system designed to cost-effectively provide high levels of availability. 

The APC UPS Power Backup, battery backup offers guaranteed power and surge protection for computers, wireless networks, and electronics. In case of unsafe voltage fluctuations and outages, APC provides protection from power surges and spikes at your home or business.


An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers guaranteed power protection for connected devices. Immediately power fluctuates or is interrupted, outside what is considered safe levels, a UPS instantly kicks in to provide clean battery backup power and surge protection for all plugged-in, sensitive equipment.


In contrast, to basic APC UPS Power BackUp, there are entry level to high performance businesses that require stable power within their servers and networks.  We supply smart UPS, an intelligent and efficient network power protection from entry level to midsize businesses. They are ideal UPS for routers, servers, switches, point-of-sale, hubs etc.Consequently, entry level Smart-UPSs are an excellent economical choice for small and midsize businesses. They protect entry level servers, small networking devices like routers, point-of-sale (POS) equipment. The extended run models of these Smart UPS models accept additional battery packs. This enables long runtime for power critical communication and security systems and servers that need protection for hours.

APC Smart UPS On-line

In the same way, the Smart-UPS On-Line provides high density, on-line power protection for voice/data networks, servers, medical labs, and light industrial applications. They have capacities of supporting loads from 1 to 20kVA in a rack/tower form, and from 2U to 12U. Usually with business-critical system that needs runtime in hours, Smart-UPS On-Line is configured with matching battery packs. This aims to comply with aggressive runtime demands.In conclusion, all models 5kVA and above have an integrated Network Management Card for remote management. Further, the management card is optional on models below 5 kVA.

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