Epson L6190 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer with ADF

EPSON 6190

Aesthetically, the Epson L6190 is a premium looking printer encased in a black shell, giving it a more professional look. The buttons complement the overall design and color scheme of the printer. The printer is actually lighter than it appears, it weighs 6.8kg and is pretty easy to carry or move around without any assistance.

Current generation printers usually print around 1500 pages per cartridge. The Epson L6190 claims to produce 7,500 monochrome prints, while you can get 6,000 colored prints. The black ink comes at a price of Rs 899, while the colored ink will cost you around Rs 400. Based on the price of the current ink cartridges and L6190’s ink prices, Epson’s price per print is cheaper.

The new refilling system makes sure that the users do not accidentally spill the ink. The ink won’t come out even if you turn the bottle upside down. It only comes out after you fit it into the respective nozzle. We tried fitting the black bottle into the yellow nozzle but doesn’t fit. You just have to leave to bottle on top of the nozzle and it’ll stop once the ink tank is full.

The Epson L6190 is great to have around the office or home as the per print cost for black and white prints is just 12 paise and 20 paise for color. This is cheaper than most laser printers in the market, which consume a lot of power. Talking about which, the Epson L6190 consumes only 12 wats while operating

In our opinion, the L6190 is a worthy competitor with pro-level features under its belt. If you are someone looking for a new printer that requires less maintenance and offers cheap prints, then this is what you buy.

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