Computer Storage

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Storage is a process through which digital data is saved within a data storage device by means of computing technology. Storage is a mechanism that enables a computer to retain data, either temporarily or permanently.

Storage devices such as flash drives and hard disks are a fundamental component of most digital devices since they allow users to preserve all kinds of information such as videos, documents, pictures and raw data.

Storage may also be referred to as computer data storage or electronic data storage.

Why data storage is important

With the advent of big data, advanced analytics and the profusion of internet of things (IoT) devices, storage is more important than ever to handle the growing amounts of data. Modern storage systems must also support the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine leaning and other AI technologies to analyze all this data and derive its maximum value.

RAM and storage?

Random access memory (RAM) is computer hardware that temporarily stores data that can be quickly accessed by the computer’s processor. The data might include OS and application files, as well as other data critical to the computer’s ongoing operations. RAM is a computer’s main memory and is much faster than common storage devices such as HDDs, SSDs or optical disks.

HDDs are cheaper and you can get more storage space. SSDs, however, are incredibly faster, lighter, more durable, and they use less energy. Your needs will dictate which storage drive will work best for you