Network Cabinets

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Network Cabinets

At A2Z Africa Kenya Network and Server Cabinet Shop, we have a full range of Data/Networking wall cabinets and shelving, along with every conceivable accessory, including Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and products for cable management.

Network-Cabs specialize in data and network cabinets but also stock an extensive range of patching cabinetspatch panels, server racks, network cable management products and supplies, rackmount shelves and fixing accessories. Our 19″ slimline wall mount data cabinets are available with patch leads, patching panels and blanking panels.

The 19 inch data network racks are very popular and widely used in the telecommunications, audio and video industries amongst others, and we stock these in various styles and ranges. Blanking plates ranging from 1u to 6u are also available for next day delivery. Network-Cabs: Your one-stop shop for all your data/networking and cable management needs.

KSh 82,000.00
KSh 72,000.00
KSh 53,000.00

Network Cabinets

42u 600×600 data cabinet

KSh 42,000.00
KSh 48,000.00
KSh 40,000.00
KSh 33,000.00
KSh 35,000.00
KSh 50,000.00
KSh 4,800.00
KSh 36,000.00
KSh 28,000.00
KSh 23,000.00
KSh 20,000.00
KSh 21,000.00