Power Distribution Unit

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Power Distribution Unit

A power distribution unit is a device for controlling electrical power in a data center. The most basic PDU is a large power strip without surge protection. It is designed to provide standard electrical outlets for data center equipment and has no monitoring or remote access capabilities.

Why is a Rack PDU important?

As data center environments become more dynamic and complex, many organizations are putting pressure on data center managers to improve availability while reducing costs and boosting efficiency. Next generation high density servers and networking equipment have increased the demand for higher rack densities and overall facility power requirements. While densities under 10kW per rack remain the norm, deployments at 15kW are typical in hyperscale facilities – and some are even nearing 25kW. High density configurations provide improved levels of performance and capacity, but this creates the need for more effective power delivery. As a result, the features and functionality available on an rPDU become increasingly more important to achieve efficient power distribution to respond to changes in data center capacities and densities.

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Power Distribution Unit

8 Way 19 Inch Rack Mount PDU 3m 1U

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